Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Miscellany

Things I forgot to mention:
    Europeans don't bat an eye at drinking, smoking tobacco, or even smoking pot. Mention owning a gun and they think you're crazy and a maladjusted individual.
    Last Saturday I went with Marianne to buy paint for my room; it will be green, green, and green! (3 different shades, of course). I think it's getting close to being done! I learned that you have to pay to use shopping carts.
    Gone are the days of iparent and confidential test scores; students get their grades read out loud from their teacher and write it down here.  Grades are expressed as points out of 20, never in percentages. Before a report card the teacher announces the overall grade.
        It's frosting now and some of the trees have lost their leaves. The wind is colder and more frequent. But the grass is still green!

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