Monday, October 4, 2010

Fire drill, Wool sweaters, and Sunshine

      Today we had a firedrill at school. If it had been a real fire, or if there had been a threat (the ‘bad man’ of Colony) we would have died. First of all, we almost didn’t notice that there WAS a firedrill because the alarm was barely audible. Luckily our teacher looked out the window and noticed that everyone else was heading outside. Then everyone sauntered to the door, where we waited for the teacher, who told us to hurry up and abandoned us to exit by an entirely different route. Then we ambled down 3 flights of stairs with a girl on crutches.  We were the last class out of the building, but no one seemed to care. No roll call. Just a general dispersing of students for a couple minutes and then we sauntered back. I spent those minutes thinking of all the fire hazards in a 60 year old building with smoking students…
            Today I wore my new wool sweater and was wonderfully warm all day. Until the walk home, when the sun shone and the breeze died. Weather changes a lot here, but even so, I am getting more freckles in ‘rainy’ Belgium in the fall than I got all summer in Alaska!
             I have oodles of tests this week, plus work in the field. So off I go to do homework!

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