Sunday, October 10, 2010

Accomplishments of the Week

1. Found the postoffice
2. Learned how to open and close the door in my room to the balcony
3. Probably passed all my tests (50% or better)
4. Can say ‘debruillerais’
5. Ran with the boys and beat a couple of them
6. Discovered Speculoos chocolate (YUM)
7. Forgot how long I’ve been here (time is going faster! At the beginning every day seemed like eons)
8. Determined to make Speculoos smores at some point and time
9. Learned that Belgian spiders are not poisonous, even if they are 8 cm across with visible fangs
10. Negotiated successfully with the residential printer
11. Understood more French
12. Taught some friends to say “ ‘sup”

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