Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Bit of Bliss

I am currently tucked into my bed with a scarf, sweatshirt, coat, wool socks, and a dog(Touchtou, of course!) after a nice hot shower on a frigid fall day. Thus, I am sitting here with a slightly idiotic smile plastered on my face reveling in coziness. *insert blissful sigh here*
            The hamburger pie turned out well, much to my delight (the power of prayer!)The mashed potatoes were rather gluey (I have been informed that that was the potatoes’ problem, not mine) but it was ok because they weren’t a dish all by themselves. I made it on the spicy side, which turned out to be a bit much for Julia. However, she did like the corn chips (she even tried eating them with nutella on a later occasion).  The French visitor turned out to be two, and they each had 3 helpings. They were very curious about what was in it, and about Iceland and Alaska too (Palin? Yes, that’s the one).
            Today I found out that one of my classmates is 20. I had not realized that. Most kids are 16, give or take. Oh la la.
            Julia has introduced me to the TV show Friends and we are going to watch one now, I think. So ttfn(tata for now!).

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