Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Few More Details

Another few details I forgot that are worth mentioning:
1.     The worship group of Marie Jeunesse put together a selection of gospel pieces---what a treat! They had an adorable French accent, but they belted out Go Down Moses like real American Baptists!
2.     In comparison to my last weekend with other Christians, I could understand and participate in conversations so much more easily! Other noticed too. I got most of the sermons and bible readings, and I even understood some of the jokes the first time! J
3.     Belgians also play the game where you wrap up a present with lots of tape and then try to open it with gloves on. Fun to watch in all languages!
  Here are some photos of fun in the snow:
                                            Waiting for the train in the snow with Ange!
                                           I got to stay here...feeling very Euro
                                            2 lovely friends
                                           Benjamin and Natalie talking over desert
The Train Station

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