Friday, December 17, 2010

4 month note

    4 months today! Only 7 months left...
 Two interesting facts I have forgotten to mention:
    1. FML was originally a francophone website (for those of you who don't know, fml stands for 'f--- my life' and is a website full of ironic/funny stories posted by readers. Extremely popular).
    2. The infamous chicken dance and song were created by Belgians (known here as the duck dance). The world owes them a debt.
   One week until Christmas and only one more final left! All my finals have been just fine, although the teachers keep checking up on me. We find out Thursday how we did; no suspense-relieving iparent here!
    We had a real snowfall last night that's been able to hold up to the sunshine today. I took Touchtou to go play in the snow, Miss 36 too, and they had a ball. Touchtou kept losing the frisbee in the snow, so he had a game of hide and seek on top of the regular fetch. Now my lil buddy is sleeping next to me here on the bed, all tuckered out.
   This weekend I am going to a Christmas potluck with Marie Jeunesse. I am bringing a carrot-raisin-pineapple salad. Should be fun!

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