Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm all registered for school! We are going to Institut de la Sainte-Union, a Catholic tech-type school just down the road. I'm excited to be able to walk to school for once! I am in a sort of social-worker course of study. I will have PE first thing, then geography, religion, French, Science, English(not too worried about that one!), math, psychology, education, Society, Health, Technical education, human development, and then professional activities for a total of 33 hours a week. Julia is taking cooking classes, but we'll be at the same school.  I'm scared that I'm going to get horribly lost and have no idea what to do a lot of the time, but what's the worst that could happen? At least I will know enough French to ask what the heck is happening.
   Miss 36 is keeping me company right now. She is a whippet, and likes to tuck herself into my bed, under the covers and all, to get warm and comfy. She has eyes like a deer, and is very petite and pretty. And here is Peout! (Pewt). One is never lonely here. If there aren't any dogs, there are always people! There is a lady who comes each day to clean; Adrienne, and then there are two teens who work for Marianne, Thomas and Celine, and then there is Claire, Marianne's goddaughter who is staying here while her parents are out of town. And then there are friends! It is truly marvelous.

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