Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 3

    Today we went to the mall for a couple hours. Marianne dropped us off, and we wandered around for a while. There was a waffle stand that I will have to revisit sometime. However, Julia had some kind of allergic reaction, we don't know what to, and an itchy rash was bothering her. I was able to ask for cream for mosquito bites, and eventually a pharmacy. And follow directions to the pharmacy without getting lost! And I only got asked if I was English once. We found the pharmacy, and Julia is fine. And I am thankful for the painful, timed treasure hunt Madame made us do for a test grade! 
   Later this afternoon we went on a 'promenade' with 5 of the dogs. First we went to a field and let them run. The greyhounds and whippets are so graceful! And of course they remind me of the pharaohs' majestic dogs.  Then we walked for another hour or so along the river on a sort of bike path. It was beautiful and sunny, and the dogs were so happy! Put( Pewt--a shih-tzu who is one of the special dogs allowed in the house all the time) had to be carried now and then. Julia says he reminds her of a rabbit.
    Things I have learned:
1. A lot of people smoke
2. They grow corn here
3. Brussels is the greenest capitol in Europe
4. 4 or 5 new card games from Iceland and Belgium
5. Their floors are mostly tile
6. Most schools in this area are Catholic
7. Their paper is longer than ours
8. They have so many different kinds of cheese all the time!
9.  In Iceland they only have 5 comics in the newspaper
10. I can almost say the word for Christmas Eve in icelandic. Sort of. 

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  1. Sara, I just skimmed through the bulk of every post you put up on this site and I am at a loss of words for the experience you are having. I've always wanted to travel Europe (as does everyone else). I traveled the west coast a bit last summer via grey hound/airplane/walking and I love the rambler's life, next step is Europe i contently told myself. So I'd better hit the hay after all of this math study so I can make it to Bio in time... The ramble you're embarking on right now is a precursor to the blossoming of a new perspective, All great people have had at least one important ramble, Einstein's was Holland, The Beatles had Hamburg and so on and so forth. Have fun and remember that what you're doing is just as great as the great's rambles! (FYI, fiddy_mayhem=Jake Kesler)