Sunday, July 3, 2011

75 Things from Belgium

Here's some random things I've learned or never done before this year. Some are interesting, some are more just life skills or random tidbits I never had before. Happy perusing.

1.How to take a bus (don't forget to push the button to get off!!!)
2.How to eat with an upside down fork in my left hand
3.How to text (yes, I know, I'm weird, I never texted before this year)
4.Eaten nothing but fries with mayo for lunch
5.Danced in a flashmob
6. Bought a waffle from a vending machine
7. A little least I can say the name of the volcano!
8. How to take a train
9. Been to Catholic Mass
10. Used an ATM
11. Made Thanksgiving dinner all by myself
12. Been to Madame Toussaud's
13. Been to Amsterdam, Cardiff, Cologne, and so many other places
14.Said Bon Appetit before eating
15. Casually kissed virtual strangers
16. Paid to use a public restroom
17. Ignored a fire drill
18.Seen real Van Gogh, Bosch, Memling, Rubens, Magritte, and Van Eyck paintings
19. Saw a katydid
20. Slept with 5 dogs in my bed
21. How to effectively use fountain pens (this is harder than it sounds)
22. Stayed in a monastery
23.Read a French play
24.How to say 999 and cuss words in French
25. Sent 20 postcards at once
26. How to appreciate clean laundry
27. Sat on St. Nicolas' lap
28. Met Père Fouettard
29. Did my math homework in pen
30. Dreamt in French
31. Been asked if I was a real American
32. Ran outside and danced because it was snowing
33. Fed noodles to a chinchilla
34. Met someone from: Cameroon, the Faroe Islands, Brazil, Ecuador, Iceland, Iran, Turkey,Malaysia, Rwanda, Indonesia, and so many other places
35. Danced with a Mexican
36. Eaten raw meat regularly and liked it
37. Cried in a movie theater
38. Cooked without measuring devices
39. Had my own room
40. Gone through an entire school year without a textbook
41. Had a beer in a pub
42. Climbed the Eiffel tower. That makes 670 steps to the 2nd floor...
43. Navigated the undergroud all by myself
44. Been lasergaming
45. Gone rock climbing
46. Been inside the Moulin Rouge
47.Took a TGV first class
48. Had homosexual friends
49. Failed a final
50. A little Dutch
51. Watched CSI Miami in French
52.Been offered a cigarette
53. Been away from home for Christmas
54. Opened Christmas presents at midnight
55. Hoarded peanut butter
56. Stayed with Marie Jeunesse
57. How to dance 7 carrés
58. Stayed in a Hostel
59. Been mistaken for a Dutch speaker or an English person
60. Lived in a house with smokers
61. Had drinks in a bar with friends
62. Participated in Adoration (prayer from 2 to 3 am)
63. Went ziplining
64. Van Gogh is worth seeing in person and Picasso is not
65. Been to Disneyland
66. Been out until after the bars close
67. How to play pool
68. How to open and serve champagne and beer
69. Understood films entire in French
70. Drank boiling tea in hot weather
71. Never call Wales England
72. Belonged in another family
73. Found my way around a European capital without a map or cell phone alone
74. Spelunked
75. Had nightmares about leaving Belgium

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