Saturday, May 21, 2011

9 mois

We've been here for 9 months now, and we only have 50 days left in beautiful Belgium! As I get closer and closer to my host family, I'm also getting more and more excited to see home again. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too.
Speaking of expressions, here's another few I've picked up:
'to just drool over'= Icelandic way to say 'by the skin of your teeth'
'payer la peau de fesse'= to pay the skin of the butt= to pay an outrageous or very high price
'vachement'=cowly= super, really ie: 'il fait vachement beau'=it's cowly pretty outside
'rahnyahnyah' (this is not an actual word)=PMSing (This one makes me laugh)
Life here is going pretty swimmingly. Last weekend Sharon and I went out on the town. We watched Thor in 3-D (good movie) and then went out to eat. Afterwards we went to a club with a couple other friends. Europeans' adoration of remixing (or butchering) songs was painfully brought to my notice, and I got an idea of what a club looks like even though it was a pretty quiet night. Overall we had a quite a bit of fun.
Sunday we went to friends' for dinner and had a good time admiring their son's insect collections and looking through photo albums. Not to mention enjoying good food, a beautiful garden, and much laughter.
Teachers here are gearing up for exams and students are groaning under the stress of 13 final exams coming up in June.I'm not too worried, especially since I'm not getting any academic credit for this year. What a very odd sensation not to worry about my grades! In gym we've been training for a triathlon next week. When we went running it made me grin to remember how scared I was at the beginning of the year that I would get lost on the running route that I now know confidently.
I guess that's all for now. Just spending time in Belgium, not really touring or visiting or anything, just doing everyday things, is a good way to soak it all in. And only 50 more days to do it in!

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