Sunday, March 13, 2011

Forget the 7 months---4 more to go!

It's a quiet Sunday here, just taking it easy with a couple puppy dogs after playing badminton and having guests over for an American supper yesterday (my baked beans, cornbread, salmon dip, and cherry pie all went over well, thank goodness!). Marianne is quite pleased because all us young 'uns are sore from Badminton and she's feeling great. There's a sports hall not far from here, so for the last couple weekends we've gone with Sabine to play some badminton. Good exercise, and good fun!
I've been here for 7 months, just about. But now that doesn't seem important---it's the 4 months left that I'm counting with a mix of dread and excitement. The dominant emotions changes from moment to moment, but I know I'll need boxes and boxes of kleenexes come July!

Here's a couple more expressions:
1. When an awkward silence shows up, 'un ange passe'= an angel is passing. More poetic than the English, 'Gosh it just got quiet!'
2. gros cou=fat neck= stuck up, proud of themselves. They also use the Dutch word, which SOUNDS like didineck. Or something like that.
3. C'est cadeau=it's present=it's really cool, nice. This is a newer expression that's just emerging among the University kids.

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  1. Really cool blog!
    I live in Belgium and its really nice to read about you Belgian expiriences.
    By the way: the Dutch word for 'Gros Cou' is
    'Dikke Nek', it means the same as Gros Cou :)