Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Third Time's the Charm

Tonight I made tortillas for the third time here, and for the first time they turned out right! My previous efforts were thwarted by my oblivion as to the difference between normal flour and flour 'fermental' which has something in it to help things raise. Tortillas do not need to raise, but mine sure did---they resembled thick, puffy discuses that could have been used by ancient Greeks in battle. For all that, they were edible. No one lost teeth or anything. Tonight, however, my tortillas were much less frightening, and Cécile, Pépé, and Gilles were there to enjoy them too. I had to give them lessons on how to eat them, but they caught on pretty fast and soon mastered the skill of eating tortillas without spilling their contents. I also made peach cobbler, which was a novelty for everyone (Gilles never had cobbler in the US---horror!) A triumph overall.
Now that I have conquered the tortilla problem, my next project will be to make proper meatloaf.I have made it twice before, and I thought I followed the recipe, which seemed to yield an extremely spicy variety of meatloaf. Thanks to a cooking consult with my mothers, I came to the realization that what with all the French hand English (among other things) floating around in my head, I somehow thought that paprika and cayenne pepper were two names for the same things. They're both red, after all. So I had been faithfully dumping in two teaspoons of red hot pepper instead of the much much milder paprika. Unfortunately, by the time I realized this my meatloaf was already in the oven? At least I was able to prepare Marianne and Julia to sample the meatloaf with caution. It was edible, but barely? We drank a lot of water and ate a lot of carrot salad with it, and no one died. Piout actually liked it a lot---Marianne said she was becoming a 'hot dog'. I guess the third time's the charm with my cooking.

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