Friday, November 5, 2010

Forgotten Food

Another thing I forgot to mention about last weekend: I discovered the pleasant traditional Belgian breakfast and the…not so pleasurable pressed head.
The Belgian breakfast consists of a bowl of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. Not a cup---a bowl. Then you take a sandwich with butter, jam, and/or chocolate spread and dip it in the forementioned bowl of hot liquid and devour. Oh so good.
            I discovered pressed head quite by accident. It was this mysterious meatloaf-looking stuff that didn’t look too dangerous, so I took a slice and added a generous dollop of mustard at Benjamin’s suggestion. During the meal, after I had eaten about half of the gummy, wet stuff and discovered that horseradish was an important ingredient in the mustard, someone asked what the meatloaf stuff was. After a description of boiling pig heads, extracting brain matter, and pushing it together in forms, I regarded my not-so benign slice of meat with a whole new perspective. Luckily I had plenty of mustard left.
            And while we’re speaking of food: I found cranberry sauce here in Belgium! Hooray for my Thanksgiving meal-to-be! 

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